Average cost of benadryl

Average cost of benadryl
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Benadryl syrup or its generic is far more likely to work.

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Information about Benadryl.

The appropriate dosage for children depends on their age and the type of medication required. Doctors or pediatricians will often recommend specific doses for a child depending on their weight.

Also, do not take Benadryl while you are breastfeeding without first asking your doctor.

Take Benadryl only as directed by your doctor or carefully follow the directions on the package.

Heart disease glaucoma thyroid disease diabetes trouble urinating due to an enlarged prostate gland high blood pressure a breathing problem such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis cough accompanied by excessive phlegm (mucus) persistent or chronic cough such as occurs with smoking, asthma or emphysema.

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another alternative to benadryl is an anti-itch hot-spot spray that will sooth your dog s skin.



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