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Ldly patints: ldly patints usually civ th lowst dos possibl tcontol uic acid poduction.

Ths mdicins may b actd by Allopuinol Sandoz may act how wll it woks. You may nd dint amounts you mdicins, you may nd ttak dint mdicins.

Nusing Moths: Allopuinol and oxipuinol hav bn ound in th milk a moth whwas civing ZYLOPIM. Sinc th ct allopuinol on th nusing inant is unknown, caution should b xcisd whn ZYLOPIM (allopuinol) is administd ta nusing woman.

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or xo; which is the enzyme responsible for converting purines into uric acid, the same way the drug allopurinol works.



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