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Information about Prograf.

PROGRAF is a prescription medicine used with other medicines to help prevent organ rejection in people who have had a kidneyliveror heart transplantRead More.

A patient who had undergone renal transplantation received a prescription refill from her community pharmacy for Prograf 1 mg to be taken every 12 hoursAdvagraf 1 mg was dispensed with instructions for twice-daily dosingFortunatelythe patient recognized that the capsules in the prescription bottle she had received had a different appearance from those in her previous prescriptionThe patient contacted her transplant programand it was determined that Advagraf had been dispensed instead of the prescribed Prograf.

Shakingheadachediarrheanausea/vomitingupset stomachloss of appetitetrouble sleepingand tingling of the hands/feet may occurIf any of these effects persist or worsentell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

Tacrolimus is available in different formulationssuch as immediate and extended-releaseDo not switch between different forms of tacrolimus without consulting your doctor.

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