How much atarax can kill you

How much atarax can kill you
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Atarax hydroxyzine treats anxiety, tension, nervousness, nausea, vomiting, allergies, skin rash, hives, and itching.

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Common atus includ xcssiv sdation, nausa, vomiting, lushing, dilatd pupils, dy mouth and tongu, hot dy skin, v, sinus tachycadia, hyptnsion, ataxia, nystagmus, dliium, agitation, psychosis and visual hallucinations. Uncommon systmic atus includ myoclonic jking, muscl igidity, coma, convulsions, cadiac conduction abnomalitis, QT polongation and ahythmias, cadiovascula collaps, paalytic ilus, uinay tntion, hypkalamia, mtabolic acidosis and habdomyolysis.

Kp this lalt. You may nd tad it again. I you hav any uth qustions, ask you doctphamacist. This mdicin has bn pscibd you. Dnot pass it on toths. It may ham thm, vn i thi symptoms a th sam as yous. I any th sid cts gts sious, i you notic any sid cts not listd in this lalt plas tll you doctphamacist.

Whil taking Ataax, sk immdiat mdical attntion i you xpinc hat poblms such as palpitations, toubl bathing, loss consciousnss. Tatmnt with hydoxyzin should b stoppd.

Dnot tak Ataax i you a pgnant, tying tbcom pgnant bast-ding. I you bcom pgnant whilst taking Ataax tll you doctimmdiatly.

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