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Order zestoretic cost
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Very rarelyfatalities have been reported due to angioedema associated with laryngeal oedema or tongue oedemaPatients with involvement of the tongueglottis or larynxare likely to experience airway obstructionespecially those with a history of airway surgeryIn such cases emergency therapy should be administered promptlyThis may include the administration of adrenaline and/or the maintenance of a patent airwayThe patient should be under close medical supervision until complete and sustained resolution of symptoms has occurred.

Low levels of sodium in the bodyheadacheconfusionslurred speechsevere weaknessvomitingloss of coordinationfeeling unsteady.

Drinking alcohol can further lower your blood pressure and may increase certain side effects of this medicine.

Thiazide induced hypokalaemia can increase the risk of sotalol induced arrhythmia.

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